ERP & Environmental Sustainability Report 2019

ERP & Environmental Sustainability Report 2019

The following document was submitted in September 2019 to Manchester University by Matt Wood for his MSc in Information System change and development at the Manchester University, School of Environment, Education and Development. The dissertation gained the mark of distinction.

Research Title

A Multi-Perspective examination of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environmental sustainability functionality

The purpose of the research was as follows:

  • The research objectives are as follows:
  • How are ERP companies developing their products to support environmental sustainability objectives?
  • What are the different environmental sustainability issues and potential wider benefits for the organisation that are considered when selecting ERP systems?
  • What are the drivers behind organisations pursuing sustainability initiatives?
  • What are the potential benefits for the environment of this ERP sustainability functionality?
  • To demonstrate to ERP software vendors how ERP environmental sustainability functionality is valued and used by ERP decision makers.
  • To demonstrate to end-user organisations what ERP environmental sustainability functionality is available and how to incorporate this effectively during the selection process.

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